Welcome to our brand new blog!

Hello There!

Charlie Ze Newbie here, offering you a sneak peak into the endless stream of thought and creativity that the mobile game industry (in particular, ZeMind Games) has to offer.

Game development studios are a wonderful place. They are hubs for the tech-inclined, problem solvers, and classical/modern artists. As a ‘Lifelong Gamer’, it’s a bit strange to think that I’ve wound up here, in the meshing tides of the creative and business class as both endeavour to put together the best products they can.

I’ll be filling you in on a weekly basis, providing you with many insights as to what REALLY goes on in a mobile gaming studio. So far it has been pretty great, sneaking peeks behind the curtain and taking a look at the hard work that goes into the creation of something like our upcoming fantasy top-down strategy title (of which I cannot name under fear of dismemberment). Rest assured, however, that it is going to be GREAT.

Snagging glimpses at a few of the art assets I can tell you it’s going to be a fun, cartoon-inspired ride something along the lines of an Age of Empires meets Plants Vs. Zombies tilt. From what I can surmise there are fairies that do steroids, mono-handed bakers and raging monsters- So uh, there’s that.

…At any rate, I’ll be filling you in on the weekly updates of ZeMind games, and I look forward to spilling ALL the beans as they become available on our upcoming release. If weekly isn’t good enough for you, try following us on our social media accounts:

https://twitter.com/ZeMindGames – For quips, thoughts and our takes on the industry.
https://www.facebook.com/ZeMindGameStudio/ – Gaming news and contests!
https://www.instagram.com/zemindgames/ – Artwork, photography, and other things related to the creation of our expanding list of mobile game titles.

Eventually, somewhere down the line, we’ll even have our YouTube Channel up and running again, able to show you better footage of the mobile games we’ve created. Until then, however, you’ll have to settle with me keeping you up to date on all things ZeMind Games.


Charlie Ze Newbie